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Marzuq Umar Robert Muhammad

MTK lives on forever... 

Every once in a while we have the privilege of seeing a shooting star. It’s so rare that we get to witness this brilliance so we cherish the moment and hold it dear. That kind of phenomenon embodies the passion, prodigy and purpose in the son, brother, father, husband and leader that we all lovingly knew as Marzuq Muhammad. Marzuq lived an exemplary life filled with love for family friends and community. Both professionally and personally Marzuq strived to advocate, lead and make an indelible positive impact on the lives and many organizations he was a part of, including Citizen Schools, the Roxbury Strategic Oversight Committee, Fairmont Indigo Initiative, Nobles and Greenough School, The Achieve Program, and the Museum of African American History. He was a devoted member and volunteer of Masjid Al Quran and the founder of the Daddy and Me literacy program, which provides a space for fathers, grandfathers and uncles in the community to instill the love of reading in children.

"We shouldn't teach great books; we should teach a love of reading."

-B.F. Skinner

Senam Kumahia

Classmate and family friend


I'll always remember the first time I met his son, Amir, who was just a few weeks old at the time. Marzuq introduced me and promptly asked that I pick out a book, and read to him. Marzuq was a strong believer in the power of knowledge. Reading was an essential element in Marzuq's life and he believed it was never too early to start on the path to gain knowledge.

Sean Thimas

Program Manager Read Boston

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We at ReadBoston support the Daddy & Me Literacy program because of the impact early literacy has at home

John Connolly

Executive Director 1647

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Marzuq Muhammad touched my life and the lives of countless others with his selfless commitment to improving our community, and his steadfast dedication to nurturing and mentoring young men of color in particular.  Daddy and Me is part of his living legacy.  I strongly support this program, and I encourage others to do so as well.

Nora Dowley-Liebowitz

Executive Director


Marzuq's resilience, passion and commitment to improving the educational outcomes of young people from his community left a tremendous legacy and impact.


Daddy and Me Literacy Program

Founded in 2018 by Marzuq Muhammad. Provides a space for fathers to instill the love of reading in their little ones while also encouraging fellowship among men of color.


The Rising Star Award

The award is presented to an individual who demonstrates an exemplary force for good in the community and is devoted to serving others. The inaugural award went to Boston City Council President Andrea Campbell, the first African-American woman to serve in this role. Learn more at


Marzuq Muhammad Scholars

Achieve is a tuition-free academic and personal enrichment program hosted on the campus of Nobles and Greenough school. Marzuq grew up in the Grove Hall neighborhood of Boston, a proud graduate of Nobles. Students who either live in the area or attend school are recruited to participate in the program. Learn more at


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About Us



Daddy & Me Literacy Program – Boston seeks to instill the love of reading in our young ones, and to encourage fellowship amongst men and dads of color. Target ages 3-7, but all are welcomed.




Hawthorne Youth & Community Center

9 Fulda St, Roxbury, MA 02119

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